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We’re Revolutionizing Health Insurance

​Improved Outcomes. Reduced Costs. Guaranteed Results.


Navigating Healthcare Can Be A Hot Mess

The entire industry, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers, is difficult to navigate with its archaic systems and complex regulations, industry-specific jargon, and third-tier administrators. These entities prioritize their own interests rather than those of your employees and their families.

We Manage Uncertainty

Edify North closely examines all healthcare-related expenses to reduce wasteful spending and improve outcomes for our clients. We work to ensure that your members receive the best care from the appropriate providers, at the right time and location. Our services optimize the healthcare experience for each and every member.

The healthcare landscape changes daily, so do we. 

Edify North was established in 2009 to reshape how healthcare is purchased in order to procure transparent employee benefit programs. With decades of experience, we have refined our approach and consistently deliver successful results.

Edify North's fees at risk in exchange for a percentage of the savings.

An employee benefits consulting firm that helps organizations reduce health insurance costs. We work with clients who have a long-term focus on financial and physical resilience. If your organization is a good fit for our services, we guarantee that we can lower your health-related insurance expenses without cheapening the benefits you offer.

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